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Popular Shares to Buy Now

February 14, 2023
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Savvy investors know that there are opportunities to be grabbed whenever the markets are in a state of generalized panic, and stock prices are falling. But deciding which stock to invest in is tricky: how do you know which companies will make a comeback or continue their growth trajectory? Here are some of the most popular, well-performing stocks you may consider buying now. 


Just before the COVID-19 outbreak, Etsy was expanding wonderfully by connecting creative entrepreneurs with clients seeking items that were a little bit more unique than the typical fare from online retailers. E-commerce had a significant uptick throughout the epidemic. But Etsy certainly took off, expanding at more than twice as fast as general e-commerce. 

 Few online retailers can compete with Amazon and remain successful. Etsy’s sales went up 141% in the second quarter (Q2) of 2022 compared to the same time before the epidemic. Etsy made it through the launch of Amazon’s handmade goods market and triumphed. 

The company has just begun to tap into its market potential in the hundreds of billions of dollars. This is attributable to the power of its platform and a strong brand. The six-month period ending in June 2022 saw a rise in income for Etsy, from $1,079,546 the previous year to $1,164,401. 

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Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name “Rolls-Royce” is a luxurious car. But the brand’s diversified offerings make it a good investment in 2023. 

In fact, in addition to automobiles, Rolls-Royce designs and produces: 

  • Propulsion systems 
  • Nuclear (including submarine) power plants 
  • Jet and aircraft engines 
  • Reactors that produce nuclear energy 

The global technology company has offices in Europe, South and North America, the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, among other places. Its headquarters are located in London. 

Rolls-Royce is working on many cutting-edge innovations, like an all-electric plane that could break the world speed record. It could also help the company’s shares do well in 2023. 

With its new technology and almost guaranteed profitability from a well-known company, it should be an excellent investment for you in the new year. 


The retail industry is going through a rough patch right now. Retailers are taking a financial blow from the cost of living crisis, inflationary pressure, and wage increases. People are trying to save money as their energy costs rise. Tesco is in an excellent position to weather the impending storm, however. 

Adjusted operating income from retail is expected to be at least £2.4 billion ($3 billion) for the whole year. Even though Tesco plans to cut costs by £500 million and start a £450 million share buyback program, cash flow is still expected to be at least £1.8 billion. 

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This year, shares of the corporation have decreased by 18%. But if you think about Tesco’s well-known club card program and the great discounts you can get, this could be a tremendous long-term chance for you to buy. 


You have probably used PayPal before, but has it ever occurred to you that buying stock in the company can be an excellent investment? PayPal is a virtual payment service that lets people send and receive money through mobile applications or merchant websites. 

The firm offers a range of services, such as online payments, billing, business working capital, and gateway services. 

With over 430 million registered subscribers in more than 200 jurisdictions, PayPal seems not to be losing any customers. Because of this, the business expects sales for Q4 2022 to be about $7.4 billion, an increase of almost 9%. Additionally, the integration of PayPal credit cards into Apple Wallets is in the works, which will expand the reach of the digital payment service even further. 

Other lucrative shares to buy now include: 

  • Amazon.com, Inc. 
  • H&R Block Inc 
  • Devon Energy Corp.  
  • Meta Platforms Inc. 


Making informed decisions is necessary for confident investing. The movements of the market, critical events across the globe, and activity in the financial sector all have a role in your stock selection. When doing research, choose reliable sources. Consider putting money down for at least five years if you want to maximize your returns and minimize your risks. Having a longer time horizon for your investments might help you weather the storms of the market. 

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