According to the news from CNBC, Apple launched ‘’Apple Watch Connected’’. It is an initiative to bring in use of Apple Watch related technologies for the people’s health. The company will be partnered with significant gyms and avail the benefits of technology to the gym members. The gym will not be paying anything to the company for participating, although systemizing all requirements would lead to additional expenses. The gyms Orange Theory, Crunch Fitness, YMCA, and Basecamp Fitness, has already engaged with this.

The benefits of these technologies involve workout machines that play nice with a watch, manage the data of workout, and provide exclusive deals on products and services to its users. The program is opt-in, and it is up to customers to choose Apple’s hardware and service to trace their data of workout.

The gyms which are a part of this initiative will offer the app for iPhone or the Watch that will help gym members to route their fitness level. Apple Pay system will make the transaction. Members got a reward after achieving specific goals by using Watch.

The requirements is different for different gyms like those gyms who use fitness equipment have to use equipment that supports Apple GymKit API for tracking workouts. Those who don’t use equipment have a different requirement concerning GymKit.

The partnered gym is provided with timelines for increasing the reach of Apple Watch Connected to more locations. The company would like to increase Watch’s footprints and make it a leading fitness tracking device.

The company had earlier introduced Watch wearers and provide certain benefits to its users. It is an excellent initiative in the area of health and fitness.